Zone Performance

Gain Better Performance In and Out of the Game

Elevate your game whether it is a competitive sport or a personal challenge.

By controlling your physiological response to stress and anxiety you can learn how to quickly reach and sustain the zone of high performance.

Through this program you will gain an understanding of the relationship between emotions, stress and performance.

This focused and practical program combines personalized coaching and a detailed practice plan to meet your personal objectives.

What you will learn:

  • The relationship between emotions, stress, and performance.
  • How to disengage from the negative impact stress has on your play and how to use foundational HeartMath tools to transform stress.
  • Techniques to restore nervous system health, increase energy levels and improve your overall sense of well being.
  • How to access a winning attitude on demand.
  • How to improve mental clarity, make better decisions under fire and improve communication both on and off the field.

Along with the HeartMath techniques, you’ll also learn how to use HeartMath’s innovative emWave® technology to access the high performance Zone anytime, anyplace.

“HeartMath tools took 7 strokes off my golf game, fast, once I really understood the process. Plus, I’ve seen the way to reduce my score more.”

D.M., San Diego


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