Education Programs

Tools for learning and life

HeartMath programs and technologies help students learn and master emotional awareness and self-regulation skills. These critical skills build a solid foundation for greater mental and emotional health, positive social behaviour and relationships and academic excellence, all of which are essential for success and well-being in today’s fast-paced, complex world.

Evidence based and highly effective:

HeartMath Institute’s 25 years of research on the physiology of learning and performance are incorporated in tools and technology that can make a profound difference in the lives of our children & youth.

Students who participate in HeartMath programs and use its technologies show significant improvements in impulse control and self-regulation, academic focus, decision-making and getting along better with teachers, peers and parents.


HeartMath has been helping students from Pre-school to University level in thousands of schools, colleges and universities around the world for many years. In classrooms, computer labs, counselling centres and homes.

Students quickly learn how to self-regulate attitudes and emotions and bring balance to their mental and emotional systems. This balanced state leads to positive behaviour, improved academic performance and greater ease in social settings.

Classroom Programs:

All HeartMath classroom programs include evidence-based, age-appropriate techniques and methods that have been shown to help students build emotional resilience, which serves as a foundation for academic and social success.

HeartMath Student Learning Aids

Student Benefits

  • Improved Focus and Attention
  • Emotional Self-regulation
  • Impulse control
  • Improved problem solving capacity
  • Reduced Test Anxiety
  • Improved behavioural & relationship skills

Teachers training:
“This training was excellent! Highly engaging, well organized, professional and meaningful.”

–Roxana Marachi, Assist Prof, Dept of Teacher Education,
San Jose State University, California

Class performance:
“All fourth graders have completed the program, and our parents are singing its praises. Parents report that kids are ‘Freeze-Framing’ before dance or sporting performances, when fighting with a sibling and on and on! Our statewide writing scores came back, and once again we are #1 (in the state). Through this program, our kids really take control of their emotions and channel things in a positive direction.”

–Amanda Travis Simon, 4th-grade math/language arts teacher,
Pine View School, Sarasota, Fla.

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