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Wayne Neal, Business Energetics

Wayne Neal

Hi, as you would have guessed, I’m Wayne Neal and I want to thank you for visiting my website.

I’m a Mainlander at heart, educated at Christchurch Boys High School in the seventies.

Out of School I went on to spend 20 years as a supplier to the printing industry and was General Manager of the New Zealand company for SICPA SA (A global Swiss owned organisation which was the largest supplier of Bank Note security ink technology in the world).

Having achieved reasonable success within the corporate environment I turned my attention to going into business for myself – commencing with the first green-fields site of the Columbus Coffee café in Botany Town Centre in Auckland, now a nationwide franchise.

With a common sense, practical approach to business challenges, I engaged in business contracting and consulting, both here in New Zealand and the United Kingdom.

Underpinning this success has been a lifelong fascination for people and what drives behaviour, coupled with the belief that nothing works long term unless you put peoples’ needs first. Respect, compassion, authenticity, transparency, courage and alignment of personal values are key drivers in getting the most from life and your people.

It is this passion for people that has evolved into a new career direction and the launch of Business Energetics Ltd. The focus of Business Energetics is expanding human awareness and potential.

During the development stage of the business I discovered the Institute of HeartMath , a US based scientific research company focusing on Human Potential. HeartMath is recognised for their published clinical research and evidence based stress and resilience solutions.

Today they have transformed over 5 million lives in 100 countries and over 25,000 medical professionals recommend the HeartMath techniques and technology.

Seeing that HeartMath already had the tools and programs to help me achieve my goals it wasn’t a difficult decision to leverage this knowledge and become a HeartMath Certified Trainer.

Having researched, witnessed and experienced firsthand the transforming power of using the HeartMath principles and techniques I’m now determined to share these life changing programs throughout New Zealand.

Wayne Neal HeartMath™ Certifications

HeartMath Certified Mentor
HeartMath Certified Coach

HeartMath™ Programs and Certificates can ONLY be provided by trained and certified HeartMath™ coaches, mentors and trainers.